Accessibility Statement

The statement was updated on 04/10/2020

We are committed to making our website accessible to everyone and to delivering accessible content to users that conforms with the requirements of the regulations set forth in the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Law 5773-2013.

At Open Houses Weekend, we strive to update and implement the accessibility guidelines to the fullest extent possible, in accordance with the principles detailed in the accessibility standard. Open Houses Weekend works to achieve equal opportunities in the Internet space for persons with various disabilities and persons who make use of assistive technology for computer access.

Our website is compliant with the accessibility requirements stipulated in Israel Standard 5568 and in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA. Accessibility on our website is compatible with the main browsers.

Website Use

Our website is compatible with keyboard-only navigation.

Use of the Tab key advances the cursor to different objects on the page, whereas pressing on the Enter key makes it possible to choose between the available options. To navigate backwards, the user should click on the Shift + Tab keys.Our website is compatible with NVDA screen reader software. When accessing the website, the user can go directly to the content area by pressing on the Alt and Z keys at the same time, or by using the Enter key.

Have you encountered a problem? Please let us know!

As part of our commitment to facilitate the use of our website by the population as a whole, including persons with disabilities, we continue to make ongoing efforts to improve its accessibility. If you have any questions or have run into a problem when using the website, and especially an accessibility-related one, please do not hesitate to contact Aviva Levinson, our accessibility coordinator, either by phone 054-6576583 or by email [email protected].

To enable us to handle the problem as best we can, please provide us with information that is as detailed as possible:

We will look into the problem and let you know as soon as possible how it was resolved.


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