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001 The Refurbished Stadium

Meeting place: the entrance to Bloomfield Stadium at 7 HaTekuma Street, Gate 1 (VIP).

Architects: Mansfeld-Kehat Architects, 2019

Guided tours at the largest soccer stadium in the city, which recently reopened following extensive renovations and a substantial increase in capacity. During the tours, participants will be shown the changes that were made to the structure so it could be converted into a modern stadium (which can also accommodate big concerts). The changes included making the stadium compliant with UEFA standards and increasing its seating capacity to 29,000. Participants will also hear about the decisions that were made in order to preserve the spirit of the old stadium, such as leaving some of the longstanding gates untouched as well as the elliptical seating in the bleachers around the field. The hourlong tours will be led by the architect, Haim Kehat, and the CEO of The Sport Palaces of Tel Aviv-Yafo, Maor Benyamini.

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Reservations not required

2 open tours

Reservations not required
Thursday, 19.9, 11:00
Thursday, 19.9, 17:30

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