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009 Bauhaus in Jaffa?

Meeting place: Fountain Square, 45 Jerusalem Blvd., (in front of the former Jaffa Municipality building).

Is there a local Jaffa version of the International Style? And if there is, what are its features? This tour, led by the architects Lilach Harel and Shmuel Groag from Groag Harel Architects – Conservation & Sustainability, will focus on modernist buildings that were built in Jaffa during the British Mandate on King George Boulevard (now Jerusalem Boulevard) and King Faisal Street (now Yehuda HaYamit Street). The main question they will examine is whether Jaffa has unique local elements of the International Style.

Historical landmark/tour dealing with preservationHistorical landmark/tour dealing with preservation
White City CenterWhite City Center
Reservations not required

Open tour

Reservations not required
Saturday, 21.9, 11:00

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