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Old Trees, Rare Trees, and Trees at Risk
Meeting place: next to the acacia on the Suzanne Dellal concourse (across from Bellini)
Saturday, May 28th, 9:00  
Echologic Tour
A bike tour with Zviki Philo, a planter and tree expert from Horashim–A Nursery for Trees, that will stop at special trees in the city. He will talk about the importance of the trees to the urban quality of life, while pointing out a number of rare trees, some of which are particularly old and some of which are at risk. The tour will start across from the apple ring acacia on the Suzanne Dellal concourse, continue from there to the oak grove at Park HaHurshot, the hoop pine on Har Zion Street, the two mesquites in Levinsky Garden, the Indian rosewood on Yehuda Halevi Street, the 200-year-old sycamore in the Oliphant complex, and others. The tour will end at the starting point in Neve Tzedek.
The tour, whose level of difficulty is moderate and lasts about two-and-a-half hours, is open to cyclists aged 16 and older. Each participant should come equipped with a bike in good working order, a helmet, and ample water.
Reservations are required; the tour is limited to 30 participants.
The former Israel Bank of Agriculture building (now Lexus Gallery), the corner of HaHashmona`im St. and Carlebach St.
Friday, May 27th, 13:00  
House for reservation
Architects: Shulamit and Michael Nadler, 1955; Preservation project, added wing and showroom design architects: HQ Architects, 2016
A book launch and tour to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of Nadler, Nadler, Bixon, Gil Architects, as well as the newly published and exhaustive monograph dealing with the works of the firm, written by the architects Dr. Zvi Elhaini and Michael Jacobson. The event will be held at the former Israel Bank of Agriculture building, which was one of the earliest works they designed in the 1950`s on one of the busiest intersections in Tel Aviv. It was also one of the first office buildings in Israel designed in the modernist-Brutalist style. Abandoned for about twenty years, the building was recently renovated in part after being rescued from demolition. The renovation section is now used as a showroom for high-end Lexus automobiles. Tour participants will be able to visit all the parts of the building, including those which have remained unoccupied, such as the bank`s historic safe. The original architects, renovation architects and authors of the book will all take part in the tour. The book will also be offered to tour participants at a discount during the event. The tour and event will last about two hours.
Open launch and tour. Reservations not required.
Traffic Control Center
68 Ben Gurion Blvd. (the entrance is from 5 Pilon St.)
Friday, May 27th, 9:00;   Friday, May 27th, 9:45;   Friday, May 27th, 10:30;   Friday, May 27th, 11:15;   Friday, May 27th, 12:00.  
The Traffic Control Center, located on the roof of the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality`s Engineering Administration, is where all of the city`s traffic is regulated. During the visit, the Center`s traffic engineers will explain how they manage to solve transportation-related problems created as a result of impaired infrastructures, various malfunctions, and the temperament of the Israeli driver. The Center is operated using standard hardware as well as sophisticated software and communications systems (developed by the team members themselves), coupled with an impressive share of intelligence, ingenuity, and insight.
Reservations are required for all 5 tours; each is limited to 22 participants.
Reading Power Station
Meeting place: the entrance to the Reading Power Station, 1 Rehavam Zeevy St.
Thursday, May 26th, 17:00;    Friday, May 27th, 8:30;   Friday, May 27th, 11:00.  
House for reservation
A glimpse of the historic power plant – Reading A – which is a 1938 structure earmarked for preservation. It is also the second steam-generated power plant built in pre-State Israel, established north of the Yarkon Estuary by Pinhas Rutenberg, the founder of the Israel Electric Corporation. A number of blueprints for the plant were prepared by different architects. The one that was actually built was chosen by Rutenberg himself, who supervised the construction. The power plant ensured an uninterrupted supply of electricity to the central and southern parts of the country, and was in use until 1972. During Israel`s War of Independence, the Hagana used the plant as an arms workshop and weapons cache. In 1997, the building was restored, including its original floor, turbines and boilers. The tall main space, which enjoys an abundance of natural sunlight, exudes grandeur and served for years as a gathering place for cultural and community events. The Electric Corporation is currently finalizing the plans for its preservation. The tours will be led by Michael Bixon, the former plant manager.
Participation in the tours is contingent on presenting an ID card and wearing flat, closed back shoes. The tours, open to people aged 12 and over, will last about 90 minutes.
Reservations are required for all 3 tours; each is limited to 30 participants.
In the Path of Light
Meeting place: 16 HaHashmal St.
Thursday, May 26th, 18:30 and 20:30;    Friday, May 27th, 8:30, 10:45 and 13:00  
House for reservation
Walking tours that trace the history of electrical power generation in Tel Aviv-Yafo, as well as the architecture of different buildings owned by the Israel Electric Corporation. They will focus on the establishment of the first power plant in pre-State Israel, the biography of Pinhas Rutenberg who founded the Israel Electric Corporation, and the story behind the transformer stations – the ones dating back to the 1920`s that are still in use and those which are no longer in operation. The tours include a visit at the restored Board of Directors building of the Israel Electric Corporation and a walk along Tel Aviv-Yafo Road. The 90-minute tours – held in cooperation with the Israel Electric Corporation and the Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites – will be led by Michal Sasson Bibi.
Each tour is limited to the first 50 people in line. Reservations not required.
The Renewal of the Lahat Seaside Promenade
Meeting place: on the Lahat Promenade across from Frischmann St.
Friday, May 27th, 17:00 and 18:15  
Project development and management: Atarim Project Development Corp. Tel Aviv-Jaffa; Architects: Mayslits Kassif Architects; Chief architect: Maor Roytman
A tour with the architects of this project (whose central and northern sections are nearing completion) which aims to renew the promenade designed in the 1980`s by the late architect, Yacov Rechter. A variety of design tools have been incorporated in the promenade in order to set a new hospitality standard in the public space along the shore and to reinforce the connection between the city and its beach.
The key design and execution principles will be highlighted during the tour, as well as decisions that were made in the course of the planning process.
2 open tours. Reservations not required.
Joseph Bau House
9 Berdichevsky St.
Friday May 27th, 11:00-14:00; Saturday, May 28th, 16:00-19:00.    Guided tours will start every hour on the hour for the first 20 people on line.  
House for reservation
A visit at the modest studio used by the illustrator, Joseph Bau, from the 1950`s and up to his death in 2002. The original state of the studio has been preserved by his daughters. It contains his work area, the animation machine he invented and assembled on his own, a tiny movie screen including two types of projectors he built, a dark room, a display of posters he designed for Israeli films in the 1960`s and 1970`s, an exhibit of Hebrew humor, and more.
Open studio. Reservations not required.
Archaeology Along the Yarkon River
Meeting place: the Herzog St. entrance to Abramovitz Garden, Bavli
Friday, May 27th, 9:00;   Friday, May 27th, 12:00.  
Remnants of human civilization from time immemorial can be found all along the banks of the Yarkon River. This tour along the river, led by Gili Stern from the Israel Antiquities Authority, will talk about the development vs. preservation dilemma, and in particular about the ancient mounds (tels) located throughout Israel. It will start with a visit at Tel Hashash and the agricultural systems that were uncovered there during excavations conducted in the vicinity in the 1990`s. From there the tour will continue to Tel Kudadi, where ruins of fortresses dating back to the Iron Age were unearthed.
Reservations are required for both tours; each is limited to 25 participants.
Jaffa`s Lower City
Meeting place: Clock Square, across from entranceway to the old police station
Thursday, May 26th, 9:00;   Thursday, May 26th, 12:00.  
House for reservation
Two fascinating tours organized by the Israel Antiquities Authority of the large-scale rescue excavations that were conducted in downtown Jaffa in the past decade. The tours, which include Clock Square, the Greek Market, the Ottoman Gate, the Flea Market, and Ruslan, HaHalfanim, Hatzorfim and Yehuda Meraguza Streets, will trace Jaffa`s development in different eras and highlight findings from the late Ottoman period (starting in the 18th century and up to the beginning of the 20th century). During that period, the city underwent significant changes, the ramifications of which are still felt today. The 90-minute tours will also talk about various historical and archaeological aspects of Jaffa, as well as different approaches to the balance between accelerated development and preservation of the historic city.
Reservations are required for both tours; each is limited to 25 participants.
The Eclectic Apartment
138 Jabotinsky St., Entrance A. Apt. 8
Thursday, May 26th, 9:00-15:00;    Saturday, May 28th, 9:00-15:00  
Interior designer: Anat Saktsier, 2015
An old apartment located near Kikar HaMedina that was entirely renovated by the interior designer for use by her family, influenced by time spent in nature and travels around the world. The partition of this small, rear-facing apartment into spaces was the product of in-depth thinking and incorporated functional design solutions.
Open house. Reservations not required.
The Jewish Cemetery in Jaffa
Meeting place: 54 Yehuda Meraguza St. (across from No. 39)
Thursday, May 26th, 10:00-19:00 –    the preservation architect, Rotem Zeevi, will lead a tour at 16:00;    Friday, May 27th, 9:00-14:00  
House for reservationAccessabile Tour
Rotem Zeevi – the architect in charge of the cemetery`s preservation and restoration – will lead one tour of the old Jewish cemetery that was built in 1840 on a lot purchased by Aharon Chelouche. It is `home` to around 800 graves, the latest of which was dug in 1986. It is the final resting places of many people who lived in Jaffa in the last two centuries, including prominent figures such as rabbis and teachers.
Open site and open tour. Reservations not required.
The History of Tel Aviv Port
Meeting place: next to the sandbox, in the northern section of the port
Thursday, May 26th, 17:00;    Friday, May 27th, 17:00;   Saturday, May 28th, 17:00  
House for reservationAccessabile Tour
Tours led by Maxim Lieberman, whose father, Captain Benjamin Lieberman, was the captain and operations manager of Tel Aviv Port between its founding in 1936 and its closure in 1965. Lieberman will describe the events surrounding the opening of the port, which was built after Arabs in Jaffa imposed a boycott on the local Jewish community. He will also talk about the tremendous impact the port had on life in pre-State Israel. He will highlight various events that occurred during the period that the port was open, such the construction of the minesweepers for the British Navy in 1944. The tours will last about 45 minutes.
3 open tours. Reservations not required.
Jaffa`s Story
Meeting place: the tourism caravan at the entrance to the Visitors Center, Kedumim Square, Old Jaffa
Thursday, May 26th, 9:30;    Friday, May 27th, 9:30;   Friday, May 27th, 12:00;   Saturday, May 28th, 9:30;   Saturday, May 28th, 12:00.  
House for reservation
Tours at the Old Jaffa Visitors Center, whose "Jaffa Tales" depict the city`s story throughout 4,000 years of history, featuring state-of-the-art technologies, an archaeological display, and a walk between the ruins on a floating bridge. The 45-minute tours will also include an animated film that recounts the legend of Andromeda and a dynamic presentation of the city`s history that will be shown on an 18-meter-long screen and highlights important events that took place in the city.
Reservations are required for all 5 tours; each is limited to 35 participants.
A Home as a Multipurpose Venue
Meeting place: St. Peter`s Church concourse, 2 Mifratz Shlomo Promenade, Old Jaffa
Saturday, May 28th, 11:00;   Saturday, May 28th, 13:00.  
House for reservation
As part of the restoration plan for Old Jaffa that was introduced in the 1960`s, this compound (which extends across an area of around 45 acres) was defined as an architectural reserve that only artists could live in. Many of the homes in Old Jaffa consequently became multipurpose venues, concurrently serving as residences, studios and galleries. The tours, led by Carmel Shoham, will visit some of them and include meetings with artists and creators who live there.
Reservations are required for both tours; each is limited to 30 participants.
A House Between the Trees
8 Refidim St., Entrance B, Apt. 7, Maoz Aviv (3rd floor with no elevator)
Friday, May 27th, 10:00-14:00;    Saturday, May 28th, 11:00-16:00  
Inaccessabile Tour
Interior design: Maya Hachmov Goldberg, Maya and Ronit Interior Design and Home Styling, 2014
An 80-square meter apartment in a tenement building that was originally designed by Rechter-Zarhi-Rechter in the 1950`s. It underwent extensive renovations that included especially designed storage solutions adapted to the apartment that maximize the sense of the roominess. The new blueprint highlighted the special qualities of the apartments in the neighborhood – and in particular, the unobstructed view of a green landscape. To create a sense of space in the common area as well, the designers chose to separate it from the master bedroom using a transparent glass wall that offers a panoramic view of the landscape.
Open house. Reservations not required.
Facing the Sea
42 Herbert Samuel St., Apts. 84 and 85
Thursday, May 26th, 12:00-17:00;    Friday, May 27th, 12:00-17:00;   Saturday, May 28th, 12:00-17:00  
Interior design: Iris Rosenheimer, 2009
A chance to visit two upscale apartments that overlook the sea: one Art Deco apartment designed in shades of black and white with works of art by Keren Anavy and the ceramics artist Batya Malka, and one eclectic apartment whose design was inspired by the fashion designer Missoni, which contains colorful works of art by Chihuly, photographs taken by Eitan Vitkon, and works by the iron netting artist, Miri Azouri.
Open house. Reservations not required.
The Royal Beach Penthouse
19 Hayarkon St. (the entrance is from 2 Ezra HaSofer St.), Apt. 2001
Thursday, May 26th, 12:00-17:00;    Friday, May 27th, 12:00-17:00;    Saturday, May 28th, 12:00-17:00  
Interior design: the architect Shlomo Frenkel, 2016
A visit at a splendid penthouse apartment, with 6-meter high ceilings and large windows that directly overlook the sea. The construction of this contemporary style apartment has just been completed.
Open house. Reservations not required.
Cinema Hotel
1 Zamenhoff St., Dizengoff Square
Thursday, May 26th, 16:00;    Friday, May 27th, 12:00;   Friday, May 27th, 13:00;   Friday, May 27th, 14:00;   Saturday, May 28th, 12:00;   Saturday, May 28th, 13:00;   Saturday, May 28th, 14:00.  
Architect: Yehuda Magidovich, 1939; Renovation architect: Aryeh Debilanski, 2001
A visit at a Bauhaus building that underwent restoration and a change in land use designation, turning the legendary Esther Cinema into a boutique hotel (the first in Israel). Using original posters and brochures printed in the middle of the 20th century, the hotel preserves thematic elements from the former movie theater, which operated out of the building for some 50 years. It also tells the story of its founders, the Netanel family, who came to Israel from the British Crown Colony of Aden.
Led by the historian and hotel developer Danny Goldschmidt, who is Esther`s grandson (whom the former movie theater was named after), the tour will start at the front of the hotel and talk about the architecture on Zina Dizengoff Square. Continuing from there to the hotel lobby, Goldschmidt will point out the original spaces that were preserved as well as the collection of cameras, projectors and posters that are on permanent display. Visitors will also be able to get a glimpse of some rooms in the hotel and go up to the balcony that overlooks Zina Dizengoff Square.
Reservations are required for all 7 tours; each is limited to 40 participants.
The Kol Yehuda Synagogue
5 Lilienblum St., Neve Tzedek
Thursday, May 26th, 10:00-16:00.    Guided tours at 12:00 and 14:00;    Friday, May 27th, 9:00-16:00.    Guided tours at 9:30 and 16:00.  
House for reservation
Architect: Yehuda Magidovich, 1938
A visit at this synagogue designed by Magidovich for the Aden Jewish community (a former British Crown Colony in South Yemen). The facade of this unassuming building does not give away the impressive and monumental space that one finds inside. The interior is an example of Magidovich`s virtuosic architectural abilities, having created an elegant and rhythmic space using a network of exposed and imposing beams that also incorporates eclectic motifs such as interior arches.
The ground floor of the building currently houses the Aden Community Heritage House, which features a permanent exhibit of original photographs, artifacts, books, clothing and rare documents that depict the annals of the Jewish community in Aden.
The tours will be led by the historian and community member Danny Goldschmidt, whose great-great grandfather purchased the lot in the 1920`s in order to build the synagogue. The tours will recount the history of the synagogue and the building it is located in, as well as the annals of the community.
Open house and open tours. Reservations not required.
The City Ring
Meeting place: next to the sculpture on Rabin Square
Saturday, May 28th, 9:00  
Mati Aleh from the Israel Bicycle Association leads this circle bike tour around the squares in the city. It will leave from Rabin Square, continuing from there to Orchestra Square, to the square at the end of Rothschild Boulevard, the Dolphinarium, and Atarim Square, and then back to Rabin Square. During the tour, Aleh will talk about the squares and the paths leading out of them. During the tour, Aleh will take cyclists on separate and diverse paths around the city.
The tour, whose level of difficulty is moderate, lasts about two hours. Each participant should come equipped with a bike in good working order, a helmet, and ample water.
Reservations are required; the tour is limited to 30 participants.
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