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The VBO TLV Lighting Lab
Viabizzuno Exclusive Lighting, 3 HaTa`arucha St., Levant Fair
Thursday, May 18th, 19:00 | Friday, May 19th, 10:30 and 12:30  
How do you use natural light as an architectural tool? How do you make a lighting plan for a home that utilizes the light itself as a design element (instead of a fixture)? And how can lighting give an architectural space character? A session dealing with the passion for light with Mr. Meir Mugrabi, at the first lighting lab opened by the Viabizzuno brand in Israel (which is one of 30 identical labs located around the world). Using photographs, the session will start with a brief lecture about light from a historical perspective, and in particular how light has been articulated in works of art and in architectural masterpieces. Mugrabi will also talk about the work techniques employed at the lab and the process used to formulate a lighting design concept. 3 open sessions. Reservations not required.
In the Depths of the Water Supply System
Meeting place: the offices of Mei Avivim , 37 Shaul HaMelech Blvd., Europa House, ground floor
Thursday, May 18th, 8:30,   Thursday, May 18th, 12:30 |   Friday, May 19th, 8:30,   Friday, May 19th, 12:30  
Inaccessabile Tour
A rare opportunity to hear about different aspects of the engineering works carried out by Mei Avivim, including the water sources, the water distribution system in the city, and the control system that regulates the water supply, water pressure and water quality. In addition to visiting the company`s offices and control center, the tour participants will also go (by bus) to a number of Mei Avivim facilities throughout the city, including underground sites that are generally closed and not accessible to the public. Children must be over the age of 8 to take part in the tours.
Reservations are required for all 4 tours; each is limited to 45 participants.
Neve Schechter Legacy Heritage Center
The corner of 42 Chelouche St. and 57 Eilat St.
Thursday, May 18th, 10:00-22:00 |   Friday, May 19th, 10:00-18:00  
Architect: unknown, 1886; Preservation architects: Kimmel Eshkolot, 2012
A visit at a building that was constructed at the end of the 19th century and was later enlarged in the beginning of the 20th century by Franz Lorenz – a member of the Templer community who settled in Jaffa in 1870. For a number of decades, from 1909 to the middle of the 20th century, it functioned as a restaurant and a cultural and social center, housing the popular Café Lorenz on the ground floor and a banquet hall on the second floor (which subsequently became the Kesem movie theater). The building – which was made of local sandstone and Marseille shingles - was one of the first in the city to have electric lighting powered by a generator. It recently underwent renovation and restoration that were completed in 2012. The building is now home to the Neve Schechter Legacy Heritage Center for Jewish Culture. Two exhibitions are currently on display there: "Restless" – a solo exhibition by the artist Shy Abady, and a multidisciplinary exhibition by the Midrash Yotzer group.
Short guided tours dealing with the history of the building and the activities it offers will leave from the front gate every hour on the hour.
Open house and open tours. Reservations not required.
Traffic Control Center
68 Ben Gurion Blvd. (the entrance is from 5 Pilon St.)
Friday, May 19th, 9:00,   Friday, May 19th, 9:45,   Friday, May 19th, 10:30,   Friday, May 19th, 11:15,   Friday, May 19th, 12:00  
The Traffic Control Center, located on the roof of the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality`s Engineering Administration, is where all of the city`s traffic is regulated. During the visit, the Center`s traffic engineers and control center operators will explain how they manage to solve different transportation problems that result from impaired infrastructures, various malfunctions, traffic-related incidents, and even the temperament of the Israeli driver. The Center is operated using standard hardware components as well as sophisticated software and communication systems (developed by the team members themselves), coupled with an impressive share of intelligence, ingenuity, and insight.
Reservations are required for all 5 tours; each is limited to 22 participants
Graffiti and Street Art in Florentin
Meeting place: the parking lot on 19 Elifelet St. Florentin
Friday, May 19th, 11:00 |   Saturday, May 20th, 11:00  
The Florentin neighborhood is Israel`s graffiti and street art capital and is also considered an important global center of this art genre. It boasts of masterpieces created by prominent street artists that have been preserved for years, new works by young artists, and works by foreign artists who come to Tel Aviv for the express purpose of creating art on Florentin`s streets. The tour will highlight the differences between graffiti and other forms of street art, talk about the leading artists and groups engaged in this field, and explain the basic tools and terminology that are needed in order to understand what has become the most fascinating and popular art genre in our times. Friday`s tour will be led by Hila Graf and Saturday`s tour by Daria Alufi, both of whom are urban art guides from Hasayeret Art Tours . The 90-minute tours will end at the starting point.
Reservations are required for both tours; each is limited to 30 participants.
The Capsule Building
The Porter School, Tel Aviv University, George Wise St., (across from Gate 14)
Thursday, May 18th, 10:00, 11:00 and 12:00   
Echologic Tour
Architects: Professor Yasha (Jacob) Grobman, Axelrod-Grobman Architects; Dr. Yossi Cory, Geotectura; Nir and Nili Chen, Chen Architects; Landscape architecture: Braudo-Maoz Landscape Architecture, 2014
Tours of this distinctive building, which constitutes an environmental milestone in Israeli public architecture and is visible to anyone driving on the Ayalon Highway. It is the first ecological building in the country to receive the highest American Green Building Certification – LEED Platinum – as well as the Diamond Rating of the new Israeli Green Building Standard – 5281.
The tours will be led by Green Step guides who will talk about the environmental vision that guided the builders, the planning process, how the environmental architecture decisions were made, the state-of-the-art energy and water conservation technologies that are installed in the building, and the research and public awareness activities that are held there. Each tour lasts about an hour.
Each tour is limited to the first 30 people in line. Reservations not required.
Yossy Goldberg`s Apartment
5 Struck St.
Saturday, May 20th, 11:00-14:00  
Interior design: Yossy Goldberg and Anat Esteron, 2015
Yossy Goldberg, who owns the Elemento design house, will be opening his own apartment to visitors. The design of this typical Tel Aviv apartment, which underwent extensive renovations, was inspired by Scandinavian motifs and the Elemento design language,including all the furniture and furnishings which are also Elemento creations.
Open house. Reservations not required.
A House Between the Trees
8 Refidim St., Entrance B, Apt. 7, Maoz Aviv (a 3rd floor walkup)
Friday, May 19th, 10:00-14:00 |   Saturday, May 20th, 11:00-16:00  
Interior design: Maya Hachmov Goldberg, Maya and Ronit Interior Design and Home Styling, 2014
An 80-square meter apartment in a tenement building that was originally designed by Rechter-Zarhi-Rechter in the 1950`s. It underwent extensive renovations which included customized storage solutions that maximize the sense of roominess. The apartment`s new layout highlights the special qualities of the neighborhood and, in particular, the unobstructed view of a green landscape. To create a sense of spaciousness in the common area as well, the designers chose to separate it from the master bedroom using a transparent glass wall that offers a panoramic view of the landscape.
Open house. Reservations not required.
Biarat Murad
6 Shalma (Salame) St., at the entrance to the construction site
Friday, May 19th, 9:00 |   Friday, May 19th, 11:00  
Remnants of around 100 biarot (well houses) can still be seen in Jaffa and south Tel Aviv, providing us with information about the history of Jaffa and its immediate vicinity when it was a thriving agricultural area. Some of the well houses are in the process of being designated for preservation and reuse. Biarat Murad, the first compound whose actual restoration has been completed, is scheduled to be opened to the public in the coming year. The tours will be led by Meirav Shaul, from Avner Gilad Ltd., and Rinat Millo Steinlauf, an architect from the Building Conservation Department at the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality. Participants are required to wear high, closed-backed shoes.
Reservations are required for both tours; each is limited to 25 participants.
Israel Conservatory of Music
25 Louis Marshall St.
Saturday, May 20th, 10:00-15:00  
Architects: Edna and Rafael Lerman, 2012; Yard design: Giller-Lederman Architects, 2012
The Conservatory is opening its doors for tours and lectures about the history of the building and its current design. Students from the conservatory will perform musical selections between the different tours and lectures:
At 10:00 and 13:30, the historian and author, Sari Gal, and the preservationist, Shay Farkash, will recount the stories of the Yarkon Hospital, of the New Immigrants House, and of the original building that was constructed in 1937 according to a blueprint made by the architect Yaakov Metricon. The lectures, which will be held in the auditorium, will last about 30 minutes.
At 11:00 and 12:30, the architect Rafi Lerman, who designed the new building, will talk about the one that was torn down (due to structural stability problems) and then rebuilt. He will also lead a tour of the building`s different wings, including the chamber music auditorium, rehearsal rooms, and Ron Baron Recording Hall. The lectures and tours will last about 60 minutes. 
At 10:30, 12:00, 13:00 and 14:00, there will be musical interludes performed by the Conservatory`s students.
Saturday, May 20th, 10:00-15:00
Open house and tours. Reservations not required.
Immanuel House (The Baron`s Palace)
8 Auerbach St., the American-German Colony, Jaffa
Thursday, May 18th, 10:00-18:00 |   Friday May 19th, 10:00-14:30 |   Saturday, May 20th, 10:00-16:00  
Architect unknown, 1866-1880
An opportunity to visit one of the historic buildings in the American-German Colony, originally constructed by Americans in the 19th century. It was subsequently enlarged by German Templers, only to be remodeled again by the grandfather of the British actor and playwright, Sir Peter Ustinov. Decades later, Shai Agnon described it wistfully in his book, Only Yesterday. The building has undergone numerous metamorphoses over the years, serving as an upscale hotel, hospital, British school for girls, and currently a guest house. 
A presentation of old glass slides and guided tours dealing with the building and its history will be offered each day at 10:00, 12:00 and 14:00, and also at 16:00 on Thursday.
Open house. Reservations not required.
With Your Back to the Sea
Meeting place: the abandoned army base parking lot above the gas station on 2040 St.
Thursday, May 18th, 17:00  
Echologic Tour
A 90-minute tour led by Idan Amit, an environmental planner who works for the Tel Aviv-Yafo Area Community at the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, and Daniel Berkowitz, an ecologist and sandstone ridge activist. They will focus on the open spaces found along the Tel Baruch beaches, which are included in Plan 3700 and are the last land reserves remaining in the city. Amit and Berkowitz will review the nature and heritage assets existing in the area and raise questions about construction there. They will also talk about the new National Zoning Plan (NZP 1) that revokes the vested safeguards granted to the beaches. Tour participants are advised to bring binoculars so they can observe the birds.
Reservations are required; the tour is limited to 30 participants.
The Digital Incubator
Meeting place: the lobby of the Royal Beach Hotel, 19 Hayarkon St.
Thursday, May 18th, 10:00 |   Friday, May 19th, 10:00 |   Saturday, May 20th, 10:00  
An opportunity to become acquainted with this digital art incubator – a contemporary art project hosted by the Royal Beach Hotel in Tel Aviv, consisting of 13 photography and video art exhibitions displayed on different floors in the hotel (some of which have become galleries) and in the guest rooms. The theme of the current exhibition – Why Are Your Eyes So Big? – is illustration. The tours will be led by the exhibition`s curators, Sharon Tuval and Merav Rahat.
Reservations are required for all 3 tours; each is limited to 15 participants.
Mikve Israel Agricultural School
Meeting place: Krause Gate (Holon entrance)
Thursday, May 18th, 10:00 |   Friday, May 19th, 10:00  
House for reservation
Tours led by guides from Mikve Israel`s visitors center at one of the special green oases that can still be found in the Greater Tel Aviv area – which is a reserve of lush fields, citrus groves and gardens that surround historic sites and buildings dating back to the 19th century. The tours will include the avenue of palm trees and the Indian Banyan, the cellars of Mikve Israel`s ancient winery, and the botanical garden. Participants will also get a glimpse of the building where David Leibowitz – the inventor of the Davidka mortar – worked. The second part of the tours will focus on the synagogue built in 1896 – a two-story structure made of sandstone bricks (without using any cement), which is considered the most important building in the compound. The architect Anat Berlovitz, who is charge of the synagogue`s restoration and renovation works, will talk about the history of the building and the minimalist restoration approach she has implemented in the synagogue, which makes no attempt to hide its signs of aging.
Reservations are required for both tours; each is limited to 50 participants.
Rudi and the Communities
5 Tchernikovsky St.
Thursday, May 18th, 10:00-18:00 | Friday, May 19th, 10:00-14:30 |   Saturday, May 20th, 10:00-18:00  
Fit for children
Come and see some rare photographs of local communities that are part of the historical archive of the late photographer, Rudi Weissenstein. The photographs were taken starting in the 1930`s and depict the communities that were formed in Tel Aviv and in other places around the country in pre-State Israel. The exhibition raises questions about the role of the photographer and photography in the life of a community and in imparting its values. The exhibition will be on display only during the three days of Open House weekend.
Pri-Or, the legendary photography studio founded by Rudi and Miriam Weissenstein on Allenby Street in 1936, is now at a new location on 5 Tchernikovsky Street under the management of their grandson, Ben Peter. The studio is a repository of Tel Aviv`s and Israel`s collective memory, with over one million negatives of photographs taken since 1936, including of people, buildings and sites that are no longer with us.
Open exhibition. Reservations not required.
Green Routes
Meeting place: 1 Ben Zion Blvd., on the concourse
Thursday, May 18th, 17:00  
Echologic Tour
How can nature be optimally integrated in a city? What belongs to the public domain and how can civic action impact urban planning? A tour led by Galia Hanoch Roeh, who manages the Tel Aviv-Yafo Area Community at the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, which will pass along the green routes in downtown Tel Aviv – from Gan Yaakov to the Kiryat Sefer Garden. She will talk about the plans made in the past that enabled the green routes to develop – first and foremost the Geddes Plan – as well as the involvement of residents in the city that helped create the boulevards, gardens and parks as we know them today.
Reservations are required; the tour is limited to 30 participants.
The Sarona Visitors Center
14 Albert Mendler St.
Thursday, May 18th, 12:00, 17:00, 18:00 and 19:00 |   Friday May 19th, 10:00, 11:00 and 12:00 |   Saturday, May 20th, 10:00, 12:00 and 14:00  
House for reservation
Guided tours of the Sarona Visitors Center, which is run by the Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites. The Center is located in the former home of the Templer Baldenhofer family, which was built in 1905. Following the establishment of the State of Israel, the building housed the office of the Minister of Police. The Visitors Center displays Sarona`s story from the end of the 19th century to the present time. The first floor is dedicated to the original Templer colony. The second floor highlights the British Mandate period, Israel`s struggle for independence, the founding of the IDF, and the government campus in the Sarona compound. The basement features the restoration plans and information about public activities designed to preserve the site.
The hour-long tours will be led by guides from the Visitors Center.
10 tours for the first 50 people in line. Reservations not required.
The Templer Tunnel and Antilia Well
Meeting place: 27 David Elazar St.
Thursday, May 18th, 10:00-12:00 (last entry at 11:30) and 17:00-19:00   (last entry at 18:30) |   Friday, May 19th, 10:00-13:00 (last entry at 12:30) |   Saturday, May 20th, 10:00-12:00 (last entry at 11:30)   and 14:00-16:00 (last entry at 15:30)   Entry to the tunnel will be in groups of up to 50 every half hour.  
House for reservation
Brief tours of this 5 to 7-meter-deep and 100-meter-long Templer tunnel in Sarona, led by guides from the Visitors Center. The entire tunnel, excavated in the sandstone rock, is still intact. Its original purpose and uses are not altogether clear, only adding to the mystery surrounding the place. The tunnel was probably used to transport wine casks between the different sections of the Sarona winery and to connect the winery cellars. The tours will also talk about the discovery and restoration of the Antilia well.
Open tours on a first come, first served basis. Reservations not required.
The Story Behind Sarona`s Preservation
Meeting place: 14 Albert Mendler St., on the concourse next to the Visitors Center
Thursday, May 18th, 9:30-11:00; a tour led by the restoration expert,   Shay Farkash, from Studio Tchelet,   Thursday, May 18th, 10:00-11:30: a tour in Russian led by the architect,   Tamara Grun, who was a member of the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality`s   conservation team |   Saturday, May 20th, 10:00: an open outdoor lecture by Tamar Tuchler,   the director of the Tel Aviv District of the Society   for ervation of Israel Heritage Sites  
House for reservation
Following a long and intricate preservation, restoration and renovation process, the Sarona compound, which for decades served as a government campus, has become one of the major attractions in the city. The tours and sessions, led by restoration experts and leaders of the public campaign to preserve Sarona, will describe how the remnants of the original Templer colony, which were surrounded by fences and were rather nondescript and in a state of disrepair, were salvaged and transformed into buildings replete with charm and architectural appeal.
3 open sessions. Reservations not required.
A Colony of Vineyards and Wine
Meeting place: 15 David Elazar St.
Thursday, May 18th, 18:00  
House for reservation
A tour led by Yaki Wein, a senior guide at the Sarona Visitors Center, who will recount how the wine industry developed in the Templer colony – initially in the yards and storehouses of the winegrowers, and after that by opening a winery and distillery run by the Winegrowers Association. The tour will also pass through the wine cellars, which later became an aircraft repair facility, and show the participants the water system that was in operation in the agricultural colony, including the Antilia well.
Open tour. Reservations not required.
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