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Yitzhak Sadeh`s Historic Home
3 Zichron Kedoshim St., Jaffa
Saturday, May 28th, 11:30    Saturday, May 28th,12:15.  
House for reservation
Architect: unknown; built by an Egyptian company in the 1940`s
A visit at the historic home of Yitzhak Sadeh, the founder and first commander of the Palmach, which was meticulously restored by his son and daughter-in-law. The tour includes Sadeh`s room, which contains his photographs, a modest bed, and a collection of weapons and battle maps. Visitors will also be able to see the beautiful garden that overlooks the Mediterranean, where Sadeh hosted Yigal Alon, Yitzhak Rabin and others. The garden features archaeological relics, stone-paved paths, and stairs leading to the sea that Sadeh carved out himself. The tour also includes the British military railroad car that Sadeh used as a war room when serving as commander of Division 8.
Reservations are required for both tours; each is limited to 20 participants.
The Peres Center for Peace
132 Kedem St., on the Jaffa coast
Friday, May 27th, 11:00-15:00;    tours will start every hour on the hour  
Accessabile Tour
Architect: Massimiliano Fuksas; Israeli architect: Yoav Messer Architects, 2009
Tours at one of the most interesting buildings erected in Israel in recent years, led by the architect Yoav Messer and members of his firm in cooperation with the Peres Center for Peace. An opportunity to get a feel for this special building and watch a presentation about its architectural concept and construction process.
The tours will also include a behind the scenes glimpse of Shimon Peres`s life and his current efforts to achieve peace, as well as artifacts dating back to the State of Israel`s early days that belong to his personal archive on the premises.
Open tours. Reservations not required.
The French Ambassador`s Residence
1 Toulouse St., Ajami, Jaffa
Friday, May 27th, 9:30-12:30; the tour in French will be held at 10:00.  
House for reservation
Architect: Yitzhak Rappaport, 1936
A visit in the public areas of one of the most distinctive homes in the city - a spacious villa built in the International Style in the 1930`s. It was commissioned by Muhammed el-Rachim (Abu Hassan), who was a prominent resident of Jaffa in the early part of the 20th century. It was designed by the architect Yitzhak Rappaport, a personal friend of Abu Hassan, who was asked to design the interior in an Oriental style. Reflecting the spirit of the period, the villa was designed as a totality, namely as a whole and meticulous creation that incorporated all the furnishings and finishing details. The house still contains original Art Deco furniture, items made by master carpenters, and other architectural elements characteristic of the period, such as the banister. The walls are decorated with works of contemporary French art.
Tours (in Hebrew) will be led by the architect Oded Rappaport, whose father, Yitzhak Rappaport, designed the building and by Paule Rakower.
Entrance to the residence will be in groups of 20 every 20 minutes.
Open house. Reservations not required.
Hassan Arafe Gymnasium
Meeting place: 40 Kedem St., Jaffa
Thursday, May 26th, 15:00 and 15:45  
Accessabile Tour
Architects: Hen Architects, 2015
A tour of the new gymnasium at Hassan Arafe High School, which is located above Jaffa Slope Park and overlooks the Mediterranean. Tour participants will hear how the park`s topography was utilized to enable the facility to blend in harmoniously with the built surroundings. The design choice to conceal most of the gymnasium`s mass, with only its western façade protruding from the slope, created some added values: the roof of the gymnasium has turned into a large balcony used by the students, and the tract of earth surrounding the building has made it more energy efficient.
2 open tours. Reservations not required.
From Port to Port
Meeting place: the southern end of the Jaffa Port parking lot, at the entrance to Jaffa Slope
Friday, May 27th, 9:00  
The architect Uriel Babczyk, who is the director of sustainable building and planning at the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, leads this bike tour that will introduce participants to the bike paths at Jaffa Slope Park. From there, using a new bike path, the tour will continue to Hapisga Garden and the seaside promenade – where Babczyk will talk about the new promenade development project – stopping on the way to see the first Israeli-made bicycle traffic light. After reaching the end of the route, the participating cyclists will be able to continue on their own to HaYarkon Park or try out the new bike path that runs alongside Sde Dov Airport and reaches Tel Baruch Beach. The tour lasts about two hours. Level of difficulty: moderate.
Reservations are required; the tour is limited to 30 cyclists.
The House on 20 Pushkin
20 Pushkin St., Jaffa
Friday, May 27th, 9:00-12:00  
Architect: unknown, the 1930`s; Interior design: Sami Shalom Knafo Studio, 2015
A visit at an early 1930`s eclectic building, most of which has remained intact. The renovation of the apartment included preservation of some of the original elements and restoration of others, such as the floors, windows and wooden doors.
Open house. Reservations not required.
Nissan Nativ Acting Studio
5 No`am St., Jaffa
Thursday, May 26th, 17:00 and 18:00  
Accessabile Tour
Architects: Elyakim Architects, 2015
A tour with the architect, Eli Elyakim, and Emmy Liberman, the Deputy General Manager of the Nissan Nativ Acting Studio, at its new facility located near the Flea Market. Tour participants will be shown classrooms, rehearsal rooms, the rooftop balcony and the auditorium, as well as the architectural solutions that were implemented in order to take advantage of the old building that stood on the lot – a one-story structure, 6 meters in height, which was used as a warehouse by the Municipality. They will also hear about the design choices that were made in order to preserve the building`s industrial qualities.
2 open tours. Reservations not required.
The Jewish Cemetery in Jaffa
Meeting place: 54 Yehuda Meraguza St. (across from No. 39)
Thursday, May 26th, 10:00-19:00 –    the preservation architect, Rotem Zeevi, will lead a tour at 16:00;    Friday, May 27th, 9:00-14:00  
House for reservationAccessabile Tour
Rotem Zeevi – the architect in charge of the cemetery`s preservation and restoration – will lead one tour of the old Jewish cemetery that was built in 1840 on a lot purchased by Aharon Chelouche. It is `home` to around 800 graves, the latest of which was dug in 1986. It is the final resting places of many people who lived in Jaffa in the last two centuries, including prominent figures such as rabbis and teachers.
Open site and open tour. Reservations not required.
A Fishing Net, Anchorage and Dock
Meeting place: Warehouse 1, Mediterranean Sea Square (the main square between Hangar 1 and Hangar 2), Jaffa Port
Thursday, May 26th, 16:00;    Friday, May 27th, 9:00;    Saturday, May 28th, 10:00  
Led by Reuven Abramowitz ("Chips"), the former director of the anchorage and author of the book Jaffa - Home Port, this tour will introduce participants to the 4,000-year-old marine history of Jaffa Port and its fishing infrastructures. Abramowitz will focus on the history of the port, the conquering forces that laid claim to it, the legends associated with the port, and its operational aspects, such as: the fishing techniques that are currently in use, their respective needs, and the way the port extends support to them. The tour will also pass through the fishermen`s work areas, including the wharfs, the warehouses and the dock. The tours last about 90 minutes.
3 open tours for the first 40 people in line. Reservations not required.
The Heritage of the Engineer Arpad Gut
Meeting place: across from the entrance to Nalaga`at Center, Jaffa Port
Saturday, May 28th, 16:00   
House for reservation
A tour that focuses on the work of the engineer, Arpad Gut, whose designs include the Egyptian Bonded Warehouses at the port (currently Nalaga`at Center and Mayumana House), the municipal stables, and the dome of the Big Synagogue on Allenby Street. He was also considered the `king of water towers.` The tour follows a research studio about Arpad Gut, which was conducted in the preservation workshop at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design`s Department of Architecture. The tour will be led by Tamar Tuchler from the Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites, the architect Shmuel Groag from the Preservation Workshop Center, and students.                                           
Open tour. Reservations not required.
Jaffa`s Story
Meeting place: the tourism caravan at the entrance to the Visitors Center, Kedumim Square, Old Jaffa
Thursday, May 26th, 9:30;    Friday, May 27th, 9:30;   Friday, May 27th, 12:00;   Saturday, May 28th, 9:30;   Saturday, May 28th, 12:00.  
House for reservation
Tours at the Old Jaffa Visitors Center, whose "Jaffa Tales" depict the city`s story throughout 4,000 years of history, featuring state-of-the-art technologies, an archaeological display, and a walk between the ruins on a floating bridge. The 45-minute tours will also include an animated film that recounts the legend of Andromeda and a dynamic presentation of the city`s history that will be shown on an 18-meter-long screen and highlights important events that took place in the city.
Reservations are required for all 5 tours; each is limited to 35 participants.
Architectural Multi-Existence in Jaffa
Meeting place: next to the whale sculpture on Louis Pasteur St., at the entrance to Old Jaffa
Saturday, May 28th, 11:00  
House for reservation
Jaffa, which is also called the Mother of the Stranger – Umm al-Gharib - is replete with multicultural architecture. In the 19th and 20th centuries, when the country became exposed to ideas from the West, and some via the port, the city`s appearance changed considerably. The tour will be led by the artist and designer Michal Halevi-Bar who lives in Jaffa and is also doing research on the Jaffa-Jerusalem road as part of her M.A. studies at the Technion. She will highlight examples of the different construction styles, ranging from the vernacular construction in Old Jaffa to the modern style of the Customs House and warehouses at the port, as well as typical homes built by local Arabs outside the Old City walls.
Open tour. Reservations not required.
What`s a Zoola?
44 Hacharuv st. Jaffa
Friday, May 27th, 10:00-15:00;   
Inaccessabile Tour
The philosophical question about what constitutes a `home` receives an entirely new meaning when visiting an authentic zoola situated between garages and restaurants in southern Tel Aviv. Michael, a young man who managed to extract himself from the hardships of living on the street, leads these highly unusual tours that will focus on the makeshift homes that young people make for themselves when they have no other place to go to. With exceptional candor, Michael will describe the challenges that these young people are forced to contend with when their home is the street.
tours organized by the Elem Association will start every hour on the hour until 14:00
5 open tours. Reservations not required.
Anglo-Palestine Bank
18 Yefet St., Jaffa
Thursday, May 26th, 12:00-18:00. At 15:30 and 17:00,    there will be tours guided by the building`s preservation architect, Naor Mimar.  
House for reservationInaccessabile Tour
Original architect: unknown; Preservation architect: Mimar Naor Architecture & Conservation Ltd., 2016
An open house at an impressive and highly important historic building in Jaffa. It once housed the offices of Anglo-Palestine Bank (APB) that helped finance the first 60 buildings erected in Ahuzat Bayit – which was subsequently renamed Tel Aviv. This branch of APB, which later became Bank Leumi, was built at the end of the 19th century when people and businesses began venturing outside the walls of the Jaffa`s Old City. It was part of a row of buildings that were constructed near the Old City wall and moat, originally designed as a residence whose large central space and style were common in other upscale homes in the area. After it became a bank branch, the building was decorated with frescos, marble floors and elegantly crafted carpentry. The preservation works at the site have included the refurbishment of the top floor and its facades, as well as the restoration of the front balcony, the stone decorations, and the intricate carpentry works in the building.
Open house and open tours. Reservations not required.                                              
Outdoor Sculptures as Part of Planning
Meeting place: St. Peter`s Church concourse, Mifratz Shlomo Promenade, Old Jaffa
Thursday, May 26th, 14:00;    Friday, May 27th, 12:00  
Meeting place: St. Peter`s Church concourse, Mifratz Shlomo Promenade, Old Jaffa
In accordance with local zoning plans, Old Jaffa is an art and tourism compound as well as a site earmarked for strict architectural and archaeological preservation. Led by Eyal Meirovitz, the Director of the Tourism Department at the Old Jaffa Development Company, the tour will focus on the mutual influences between tourist and environmental planning in Old Jaffa and the role that the archaeological monuments and outdoor sculptures play in the overall tourist plan for the city.
2 open tours. Reservations not required
A Home as a Multipurpose Venue
Meeting place: St. Peter`s Church concourse, 2 Mifratz Shlomo Promenade, Old Jaffa
Saturday, May 28th, 11:00;   Saturday, May 28th, 13:00.  
House for reservation
As part of the restoration plan for Old Jaffa that was introduced in the 1960`s, this compound (which extends across an area of around 45 acres) was defined as an architectural reserve that only artists could live in. Many of the homes in Old Jaffa consequently became multipurpose venues, concurrently serving as residences, studios and galleries. The tours, led by Carmel Shoham, will visit some of them and include meetings with artists and creators who live there.
Reservations are required for both tours; each is limited to 30 participants.
Jaffa`s Lower City
Meeting place: Clock Square, across from entranceway to the old police station
Thursday, May 26th, 9:00;   Thursday, May 26th, 12:00.  
House for reservation
Two fascinating tours organized by the Israel Antiquities Authority of the large-scale rescue excavations that were conducted in downtown Jaffa in the past decade. The tours, which include Clock Square, the Greek Market, the Ottoman Gate, the Flea Market, and Ruslan, HaHalfanim, Hatzorfim and Yehuda Meraguza Streets, will trace Jaffa`s development in different eras and highlight findings from the late Ottoman period (starting in the 18th century and up to the beginning of the 20th century). During that period, the city underwent significant changes, the ramifications of which are still felt today. The 90-minute tours will also talk about various historical and archaeological aspects of Jaffa, as well as different approaches to the balance between accelerated development and preservation of the historic city.
Reservations are required for both tours; each is limited to 25 participants.
The Royal Beach Penthouse
19 Hayarkon St. (the entrance is from 2 Ezra HaSofer St.), Apt. 2001
Thursday, May 26th, 13:00-17:00;    Friday, May 27th, 12:00-17:00;    Saturday, May 28th, 12:00-17:00  
Accessabile Tour
Interior design: the architect Shlomo Frenkel, 2016
A visit at a splendid penthouse apartment, with 6-meter high ceilings and large windows that directly overlook the sea. The construction of this contemporary style apartment has just been completed.
Open house. Reservations not required.
The Digital Incubator
Meeting place: the lobby of the Royal Beach Hotel, 19 Hayarkon St.
Thursday, May 26th, 16:00;    ; Friday, May 27th, 12:00;    Saturday, May 28th, 11:00   
Accessabile Tour
An opportunity to learn about this project which has been implemented in different spaces at the Royal Beach Hotel – a digital art incubator that aims to expose and promote young Israeli artists who are engaged in digital disciplines (photography, video and animation). The project includes around 600 works that are exhibited in the lobby, in the corridors on the different floors (some of which have become galleries) and in the guest rooms – turning the property into a huge art gallery that continues to function as a regular hotel. There will also be a guided tour of an exhibition of works by graduates of the Department of Ceramics and Glass Design at Bezalel – called "Descending from the Mountain" - which is currently on display at the hotel.
Reservations are required for all 3 tours; each is limited to 15 participants.
The Yafe Nof Neighborhood and Bella Vista Hotel
Meeting place: behind the Paz gas station across from 6 Kaufmann St.
Friday, May 27th, 17:30  
House for reservation
A tour with the architect and Jaffa historian, Shmuel Giller, who will recount the story of this Jewish neighborhood in Jaffa that was founded in 1888. Unlike nearby and overcrowded Neve Tzedek, the homes in Yafe Nof had ample space between them as well as large courtyards. The neighborhood had a hospital, public baths and hot springs, and a number of hotels. The Bella Vista Hotel that was built in Yafe Nof in 1904 was the most elegant in the country and hosted tourists and affluent locals who came to enjoy the hot springs, play billiards and listen to concerts on the hotel`s balcony that overlooked the Mediterranean. The hotel, together with the entire neighborhood, was destroyed during the War of Independence, and their ruins became the foundation on which Charles Clore Park was later established. The tour will next end to Goldman`s Court.
Reservations are required; the tour is limited to 50 participants.
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